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Birmingham Marriage License Info

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When it comes right down to it, getting married is easy. It’s all the preparation in the months leading up to a marriage that is hard part! A couple’s engagement period is a wonderful phase of the relationship, but it can also be a really stressful one. There are tons of things to consider when planning a wedding ceremony and reception, and it can be easy to forget about the legal requirements of a marriage – the marriage license, for example. If you’re getting married in Birmingham, then you should make sure you understand how the laws for getting a Birmingham, AL marriage license work.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that a marriage license is obtained well in advance of the wedding date – about a month is a good guideline. You’ll need to bring a few documents with you in order to obtain your Birmingham, AL marriage license, so make sure that you have them all prepared. The good news is that if you’ve put this off until the last minute, there is no waiting period between obtaining a marriage license and getting married. When you’re ready, head to your local county clerk’s office in order to put in your marriage license request.

The necessary documentation for any anyone over the age of 18 is simply a valid driver’s license or a birth certificate. It is possible for people under the age of 18 to be married in Alabama, but doing so has some additional stipulations. The minimum age of marriage in the state is 16. For any person who is a minor, a certified copy of their birth certificate must be presented. In addition, both of the person’s parents, or their legal guardian must be in attendance. In the case of a guardian, they must also have the necessary paperwork certifying them as such. If the parents are no longer alive, then evidence of their deaths must be presented. Finally, Alabama state law also requires that the couple post a $200 bond. This is in addition to the approximately $45 it costs for the license itself.

If either person to be married has been recently divorced, this also adds an extra step to the process. First of all, there is a minimum wait period of sixty days that must pass between a divorce and a new marriage. If the divorce occurred within 6 months of the wedding, proof of the divorce must be presented in order to obtain a marriage license. If the divorce took place more than 6 months before the wedding, there are no extra stipulations.

Some states require that the couple must live locally to obtain a marriage license. However, obtaining a Birmingham, AL marriage license does not require that the couple actually live in the city. This can be helpful for people who have moved away from the area but still have family in Birmingham and want to have their wedding ceremony there. There are no other special rules for obtaining a Birmingham, AL marriage license. All in all, this should be a hassle-free part of the wedding planning.
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