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Making Plans For A Winter Wedding

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Birmingham Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Winter Weddings can be an affair to remember, much different from the traditional summer weddings held in June. Using the Christmas holiday as a backdrop, the themes of the season provide for endless ideals. The cold and frosty bite of winter offers an excellent wedding event that can provide you with a lifetime of memories.

Most weddings take place in June or during the warmer summer months. The cold in December, January and February does not always hold the same sway for people planning their wedding. For the creative couple looking to play off the obvious themes of getting married in a winter wonderland, this time of year may be the most appropriate time to get married.

A winter wedding menu consists of soups, mull wine, hot rum and chestnuts roasting on a fireplace hearth. The wedding dress is going to be complimented with a jacket or shawl to keep the cold off the bride’s shoulders. You may even introduce top hats for the groom and his groomsmen as a part of their formal attire. You have a lot more dressing options to shutter the cold and take advantage of the cold winter weather.

Much like a fall ceremony takes advantage of wagon rides of hay, a horse drive sleigh can be a unique for of wedding transportation. You can play off the holiday decorations that are already up for the season as background for your wedding photos and video. You may consider having you wedding at a quaint country inn or some other place that captures a feel for snowmen, icicles and other images of the holiday season.

Travel is certainly one consideration that must be accounted for when planning a winter wedding. If you have guests that are traveling from far away distances, make allowances for any potential travel delays that may occur. This may force you to decide abandoning a traditional northeastern or Midwestern ceremony in the snow in exchange for a cooler southern or western state affair. You want to ensure the safe travel of your guests and make sure that you cover your contingencies in the case of a snow emergency.

Costs tend to be less for a winter nuptial than in the summer. The demand for space is not as great in the colder winter months where you find people more inclined to hunker down and wait out the weather. Hotels and other facilities that live off this type of business may be more willing to negotiate price breaks for you and reduce or even waive certain costs. This is especially true if you bring a large enough wedding party that is also going to have to take up lodging. Knowing what to ask for and how to approach the negotiation for price may help go a long way in making your wedding perfect.

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