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Benefits of Using a Wedding Planner

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Busy brides can find the services of using a wedding planner to be extremely helpful. If you are planning on getting married, consider using a wedding planner or consultant to help you with all of the myriad details that need to be addressed as you approach your wedding day.

Time Saver

For most wedding consultants, this is their primary business, so it benefits them to make their bridal couples happy and be as helpful as possible. Planning and coordinating a wedding can be extremely time consuming, since there are so many details to be tended to in the process. A wedding planner can be extremely helpful in helping bridal couples with all of these details and save them time in the process.

Often, couples meet with the wedding planner once or twice a month in the months leading up to the wedding, and then once a week as the date gets closer. Since the wedding planner has their fingers on the pulse of the local wedding industry, they usually have access to the best sites, caterers, florists and other services that a couple needs for the wedding of their dreams.

Money Savings

Another wonderful benefit is that wedding planners often work closely with the various vendors that provide services for weddings. As a result, they can often negotiate better prices than a couple would be able to get if they were to approach the same vendor on their own. Additionally, couples may gain access to additional services that they might not even be aware of through the use of their wedding planner. For example, many couples do not know that gyms often work closely with wedding planners in providing bridal couples with discounted memberships. Another service that a couple might gain access to through their wedding planner is additional floral arrangements that a florist might not offer otherwise.


One of the really great services that wedding planners and coordinators often offer is help with the rehearsal for the wedding service. For many couples, it is extremely helpful to have someone else who is managing the entire bridal party as they go through the various roles that they need to complete for the service. The wedding coordinator helps get everyone to the rehearsal, puts them through the ceremony practice process and then makes sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding what time they need to arrive at the ceremony and any other details that are important for the bridal party. A wedding planner can also help reserve and arrange a rehearsal dinner, including choosing the restaurant and reserving a private room for the party.


Wedding planners are extremely helpful for bridal couples. They can help couples with all of the details needed for a successful and beautiful wedding, plus they can often help couples with arranging vendor services and with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

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