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Planning Your Second Wedding

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If you are one of the many people who are taking a chance on love again and planning a special wedding, you have just as much planning to do as a first time bride. There is nothing wrong with planning a second wedding that is just as special as your first one. Many people think that you shouldn’t have a big affair for a second wedding, but if you want to commemorate your new marriage in style, a grand wedding is certainly your right.

The planning of a second wedding will be very similar to the planning of the first. Some couples do decide to have a quiet second wedding with a small guest list in attendance. That is certainly their right, but you should not feel bad if you want a beautiful big wedding.

Go into the planning of your wedding as though it is the very first time that you will be getting married. Develop your budget and plan out each and every detail of the big day and enjoy every minute of it.

All of the same events that occur during a first wedding apply to a second wedding. Bridal showers should still be thrown for the bride and the groom can certainly have a bachelor party with his friends. One thing that may be different for a second wedding is in the gifts. Generally the gifts in a first time wedding are to help the new couple out on their life together. A second marriage is likely to have a bride and groom that are already well established. Let your guests know that they do not have to give a gift at your wedding.

One of the reasons that second weddings tend to be less ostentatious than first weddings is the cost. Most couples who are getting married for the second time are paying for it on their own and understand that their commitment and love is more important than expensive displays on the wedding day.

Second marriages are not uncommon today for a variety of reasons. The bride and groom can plan a day that is all about them and their future life together. It does not have to be a secret event or something that only the immediate family attends. It can be as quiet or as extravagant as you want it to be. Remember, you are paying for it in most cases, so feel free to have the wedding you want.

There may be some differences in the wedding ceremony as well. The bride may or may not be given away during the service and there may be some slight differences in the type of ceremony that is chosen for a second marriage. A second marriage should be no less special than the first and the wedding does not have to be less than you want just because it is your second time down the aisle.

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