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Have An Outdoor Wedding

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Birmingham Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

An outdoor wedding is an ideal setting for many couples getting married. The openness of the outdoors provides for a setting that is less restrictive as a church or wedding hall and allows you to exchange vows in commune with nature. Using the outdoors as a wedding setting allows for you to open up the ceremony to more guests and share the experience with the world.

The one factor that is beyond your control when deciding on an outdoor wedding is the weather. You may wish to choose a time of the year that is less prone to dramatic changes in the wedding, such as cold or rain. You should also have a contingency or back up plan in case the weather were to turn and you need to move the ceremony indoors. This is easy to accommodate and will save you many headaches in the end.

The cost to perform an outdoor ceremony is comparable to an indoor wedding. You and your prospective spouse should scout various locations and get an ideal of where you would like to have the ceremony. Many municipalities and towns offer open garden areas that may provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding event. You may also choose to have your wedding at a local zoo or in the garden of a municipal museum. You have a lot of flexibility in this area and should choose a location that fits both of your personalities.

Try to choose a location that is convenient and easy to access. Also, consider traffic and other noise that may interfere with the ceremony. The more remote the location, the more serene and calm the wedding ceremony will be. Keeping this in mind, coupled with the ease of travel, will provide you with a unique wedding experience that you will talk about for years to come.

You want to make sure that area has a standing structure such as a porch or gazebo, preferable one with a dais so that all of your guests can see you. It would be a shame for some of your wedding guests not to be able to witness the event because of a lack of sight lines. During your scout for locations, you can ask questions of the site manager as to the number of weddings that have taken place and the general response, both positive and negative, received.

Once you have located that perfect location, secure it with a deposit and make the necessary arrangements to transform the space into a special wedding setting. Make sure that it is handicap accessible and if necessary, restrooms are available to accommodate your guest’s needs. Securing these details, which are part of the overall planning, will ensure a successful and happy experience for all.

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